Sapa Sisters Trekking Adventures
The Best Hmong Guides in Sapa

Sapa Sisters Trekking Adventures

The Best  Hmong Trekking Guides in Sapa

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Going to Vietnam? Get on the night train from Hanoi and come to Sapa to join us in the mountains! We'll show you the best spots and guarantee you'll get an unforgettable experience.  

XOXO  Chi, Zao, Lang, Pen, Pang,Chin, Ker, Little Zao, Little Chi, Khu, Chai, Mao,  Mu, Cho, Giao and Tung.


Sapa Sisters, a social enterprise owned by local guides

We are Sapa Sisters, an ethnic minority Hmong trekking group based in the beautiful northern mountainous highlands of Sapa, Vietnam. We are very proud to be one of the few Hmong businesses that exist in this region – and one that is entirely owned and run by women. We think that this is a significant achievement because Hmong highlanders face much higher levels of poverty and many barriers to accessing capital and business connections. Tourism to our area is providing us with vital new opportunities to earn sustainable incomes, helping our families and our communities to prosper.  Read more on our ABOUT PAGE